Tuesday, July 26, 2016

WE did it!

Just in case you were wondering - everyone survived the morning workout today! Everyone moved and stretched like rubber bands! Maybe not as graceful as we had hoped but I thought everyone looked great!

I was sitting at my desk at work looking at my meeting schedule and noticed I have to climb up and down the stairs a few times today.  I'm sure my legs will be moving better in an hour, but right now they are letting me know they are slightly displeased with this new exercise routine I am submitting them too. I LOVE that!

A few thoughts for today:
I'm happy that I chose to do this. I'm blessed I was accepted into the program.
I'm going to strengthen my weak knee and balance on it soon! It will work and be stronger!
I'm glad for the support and encouragement of my co-workers aka friends. I couldn't believe how many alumni came to walk beside us!

Praise God for all of the people pouring into us at the moment - it is truly humbling that others care so deeply for our health when it has taken a back seat in my life for quite awhile!


  1. Dawn enjoyed reading your post. Yes you are going to learn new aches and discomforts. Things causing them now won't cause them in the future but there will be other muscles used that will rebel as well. Everyone worked hard this morning and did a great job. I still remember my season's first day and most of the group had problems with the opposite arm opposite leg. You guys are ahead of where we were.