Thursday, July 28, 2016


Who knew wall squats could move a person to shake and tremor?

It sounds like such a simple move! Execution proved a wee bit more difficult than expected this morning. Especially on round 2!  I really had to coach myself not to give up and hang in there!

I have decided today that handicapped facilities are my bestest friends - fully equipped with hand rails bwahahaha. Ibuprofen is my next friend that I'm keeping close :)
Image result for hand rails

I'm feeling stronger EVERY day!
Thank you Lord!


  1. Hand rails are fine to use. Just make sure that you don't park in those special spaces that are close to the building! :)

  2. Great job giving yourself a pep talk to make it thru the 2nd wall sit!
    Great habit, incredibly needed!
    Frank can recognize the look on my face when I do this!

  3. Wait for a few weeks. 30 second wall sits will seem so easy. You all have come on strong this first week. Everyone is doing great.