Friday, July 29, 2016

I just want to say that I'm thankful to God that he's given me this opportunity to be with you all in this challenge, you are all amazing people. I love how their is no judgement and the support system is incredible! Thank you all.

However, I have been challenged, I love food! I cook so good and I'm missing out on my Mexican and Puerto Rican rice! I'm down to a couple tortillas versus 6-8, but I'm in control. Just pray for me.

The workouts have been intense on my body, a lot of soreness, however, it's been so much fun!

I continue to pray that we all continue on this journey until the end. See ya peeps!


  1. Hey Maria, you are doing a totally amazing job! What I enjoy about you is your willingness to go all in with effort and determination. Soreness is part of the deal as is retraining our bodies to follow what is good for them. Like you, food has been one of my big challenges as there has rarely been a food I found unappealing. To top it off, Friday nights have historically been family night out to eat... Should be interesting. Keep up your diligence and stay focused on your goal. When we make those bigger than our excuses, God will sustain us and help us run our race until the very end. Bless you and have an amazing weekend!

  2. I love to cook and eat too! I'm really enjoying learning how to make some of our favorite meals lighter. Tina has a great lighter pizza recipe for example. I love Cooking Light magazine. I'll bring you an old copy to look through. Tons of great Mexican recipes for sure. You got this!

  3. Everyone has been working hard already and that is good. I think for most food is the hardest because it is built into so many of our habits and routine. Work with Jen to help you with the issues and see what ideas she might have.

  4. Good job Maria for being honest about your struggles and posting it here so that people can pray for you and help you out with encouraging words!