Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Day Three: The Big Test!

It was a dark and forbidding morning as the few of us huddled at the picnic tables waiting for the test to begin. Where was everyone? Matt had been around the building and hadn't seen anyone. We started walking around to the front and there they were - at the "picnic tables" that looked surprisingly like patio furniture. hmmm. After stretching practice we duck walked to the starting point (really, see pictures for confirmation). There was no gun shot, no marching bands, no Olympic fire, just those weird round lights that keep maniacs out of the building. Oh, and surprisingly, a policeman. No, that was later.
We headed off around the walking path. Some of us decided it was cool to run. The rest of us did a quick step that could be construed as a modified jog. And then I realized my lungs were starting to feel like a blazing fire so I slowed down to a determined walk - somewhat like the walk I do when my grandkids are playing with the garden hose and the patio door is open.
The Hill: No, it's not really a hill, more like a slight incline that lingers for miles. Finally there was the crest and I could see the entire valley laid out before me. No, no, I mean I was half way there on the first lap. Now downhill is the way for me. I even got a little giddy and thought I was picking up the pace. Jeanie was getting a little a head of me and that wouldn't do. People were strung out all along the path. I was hoping the second lap would be better. And I knew there was a bench at the top of The Hill if I could make it there. I was so tempted to cut across the parking lot or maybe hide in the bushes and pretend it was my second lap, but Noooooo! I had to stay on the straight and narrow. Pushing upward to new heights, there was the bench. I longingly watched it fade away as fire was now coming out of my mouth. I could do it. I was almost there. Ha! Gavin was just ahead of me. I knew I could beat him - although legally, this was not a race against anyone but myself. As my eyes focused on Rose and Frank, I kicked it into a fast trot, nearly jarring my glasses off and sped ahead of Gavin, tapping him on the shoulder and yelling: Tag, Your It! He was not amused, but I got that burst of brattiness I needed to get it done.
WHAT! We still need to walk? Are you kidding me! My car was there, right there. But alas, my keys were upstairs on my desk. Alright, I'll keep walking but someone is going to have to pick up my body when I die right here on the path. And then guess what! I started feeling pretty good. I got a good slug of cold water and we did our cool down stretches. That's when the cop showed up. I think the Allen County Coroner had been on high alert and he was just doing the initial run. We prayed. Some of us (me) prayed for strength to get upstairs to my car keys and clarity to get home safely for a nice long shower.
So moral of the story: yes, I can do it and no, whining doesn't help.
Next time I'm going to check the altitude of The Hill. I think it is half a mile above sea level. Do you think B&G could install a towrope up to it?


  1. Oh my goodness, Connie, this post has me chuckling and smiling ear to ear!!
    I remember you passing Gavin before the finish line...I did NOT know you tapped him the shoulder and said that!! Too funny!!
    You did great Connie! Good luck talking B&G into that towrope!!

  2. Just wait for the end of the program when you do it again. You are going to be so pleased with what you are able to do then because of all the dedication you are going to be giving over these weeks.