Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Workout Nerd?@#!

So, last weekend I seemed to go into a bit of workout overload and today I may be feeling the effects (although I believe it has been something brewing for the past couple of weeks, but my higher intensity and longer distance jogging convinced it to follow suit). After leaving the gym today, my left outer heel/foot was experiencing what I would describe as an increasing level 4-5 pain. Since I am sort of stubborn when it comes to pain and sickness, I fully expect it will tire of it's brief visit, grow weary of my unshakeable faith, and simply leave. Nonetheless, I am still going to follow directions and get it checked out with my pals over at Summit PT. 12 noon appointment today.

That said, I thought a little bit of artistic humor was in order to contribute to causing this pain impersonator to become confused and disoriented. I mean, "Why not have a little fun with it?"

Here is my workout nerd impersonation from Saturday's 30 stairs, some with weights:

Matthew 24:13 (AMP) says, "But the one who endures and bears up [under suffering] to the end will be saved."

Saved in the Greek means: 

Today, I am especially thankful that Jesus has made a way for me to be saved from suffering, to be made well, healed, and restored to health. Thank you LORD!

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