Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Week Nine?
Is it really week nine? How has our time gone so quickly?
I was remembering the fear we all had on day one.
And the confusion during week one.
Then the lights started blinking on weeks two, three and four. Some lights went off, but for the most of us, we've stayed the course and pushed thru fear, pain, soreness, humiliation and glorious loss.
The last few weeks have been a battle with memories of chocolate and cake. I was feeling a little sorry for myself, but then I would pull my big girl panties up (cause they are falling a lot these days) and remember I can have anything I want. And then I run to clean the bathroom, because who wants to eat when they are cleaning up after their grandsons.
Now we have three weeks to go, well, I'm feeling nostalgic for those early days. Not that I really want to go back again, but the pull of being a team is strong. I'm sad to think that soon we will done. Tina and Rick will push us out of the nest and we'll have to fly on our own. We've challenged and encouraged each other for several months. I see each of you as a friend, nay! a comrade in our fight for life.
So after this challenge is over, don't be startled if I high five you for something odd, like making it through the company meeting without falling asleep.


  1. Where has the time gone? I too have gotten used to the program. Even going around the path this morning I realized that I've come to expect things. The main fountain fires up about 5:55, the generators fire up at 6:00, the fountain lights come on at 6:05, the ducks start swimming at 6:15, and I wake up at about 6:45.

    Although my weight loss hasn't been stellar, I have lost. I've started to look back through my eating habits to see what I've done on weeks where I've lost more. I'm trying to prepare for the "after life" (life after the program). I can definitely run further than any time in the past 20 years. I still can't make it around the .55 mile path but I'm getting better. I think that the secret is not giving up. I think of the overweight people driving motorized carts around Wal-Mart and think that I don't want to be like that. Keep pushing!

  2. You will always be part of the FWSW family FOREVER! You have the tools and resources to fly but we will always help you:)❤️

  3. Tomorrow is a big step in faith for us. We will keep pushing and forever be BMSW3! And heaven forbid, no, no, no Walmart motorized carts for us! We want to be the ones that help those less mobile reach for the vegetables.