Thursday, September 15, 2016

STOP TEMPTING ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, So I have a minute this afternoon and was going through the open tabs on my web browser and came across My Fitness Pal.  I hadn't logged anything for today so I enter my food.  As I was looking over my entries I see a banner ad for Hungry Howies pizza.  Arghhh!!!  I don't need temptation when I'm in the middle of trying to be healthy.  Sure, put up ads for Nike, Weight Watchers, or something relevant but not one of the things that we're trying to avoid.  Maybe it's just My Fitness Pal's way of telling me that I'm not eating enough?


  1. It's a dollar off! At least they aren't offering free cheesy garlic bread sticks.

  2. Ugggh that is SOOO WRONG!!!!!
    I have never noticed that...maybe the adds are harder to notice on a phone?

  3. This drives me crazy!! I had one for a Baconator pop up on mine and I about lost it! I think this just goes to show that no matter what those visual temptations are around, and you need to continue to stay strong :) Keep it up!!