Friday, September 23, 2016

My Favorite Story & Challenge

Last night I went to the store with my mom and daughter. On limited time, my mom kept my daughter entertained while I frantically dug through fall clothing trying to find daughter's size. How is it fall already?!?! Then on to get a couple grocery items that I had to have for today. Heading to the checkout, my mom told me that while I was in the produce section, my daughter saw pumpkins and wanted to lift one that was too heavy for her. My mom told her no, they were too big for her. She replied that "Mommy can do it, she is so strong!" This made me laugh and then my heart grew 5 times bigger :) I'm so proud to be her mommy, and so thankful for the BMSW3 opportunity. Though out of desperation, I'm so thankful I took a very anxious leap of faith and applied for this program. Not to be selfish, but I was so focused on changing myself that I didn't give much thought to how much of an impression I would or even could make on my daughter at 2 1/2 years old! Since the program began, at times she wants to wear what I'm wearing, eat what I'm eating, and do the stretches/exercises that I do and "go to the gym." What more could I ask for?!!

Yesterday morning after our group workout at Spiece, we were challenged to pick up the weight that matched how much we "lost," (or shall I say "shipped," Rich? LOL!!). I haven't yet comprehended that I've eaten healthy and exercised away 17lbs. I feel better and can tell in my clothes, for sure, but for some reason it just hasn't truly hit me how much I've worked to get rid of that amount. So I picked up a 15lb weight. Wow, it was awful. A bit of dread came over me as I tried to imagine my life with those extra 17lbs: slowly climbing stairs at work, lifting my daughter and carrying her around, not wanting to get up at home especially in the mornings . . . . Look at me now!! Up by 4:30 in the mornings, climbing the stairs at work even when my legs feel like they are going to buckle, carrying my daughter around . . . . Then I picked up a 20lb weight - this is what I will soon throw away :)

Thursday, 09/22/16 was my most favorite day yet!


  1. You're doing great! It sounds like you have incentive to keep going after our 12 weeks are up. You've got this!

  2. I've found few things more rewarding in life than to have my child be proud of me. Great post Sarah and the example you're setting for your little one is outstanding. Keep crushing it.

  3. There is nothing selfish about wanting to lead by example. You're doing an outstanding thing demonstrating what is required for transformation to occur, and that some things are very worth the sacrifice of a little sleep and (dis)"comfort" food. So proud of the wife, mom, and daughter of God that you!