Friday, August 26, 2016

Week Five and All's Well!
If Wee Willy Winkey was running around Spiece in his nightshirt, he wouldn't think all was well. But then with a name like that, I don't think we would feel very comfortable having him around anyway.
It appears many of us are breaking. It's not ET, ummm, I mean EJ. It's not Rickie or Tina or Franklin. It's just tired bodies that aren't used to pushing themselves. Add in the wall sits, planks, bands of mortal resistance, party trains, racks, stocks, sleds and our all-devouring Jacobean Monster: The Ladder of Pain*. I love how some have labeled it a demon. he he. Well it's just a machine. Just a machine that tortures while Rickie is trying to encourage us to just "step up, just one more step, you can do it, he he, come on, don't let it intimidate you". I put in a good try for a few seconds before succumbing to exhaustion. I am a weinie, I can't deny it. As the assignment for Friday was announced, I thought, yeah, I can do it or at least give it a good IU try. And then EJ said he was going to ramp things up. WHAT!!! I thought being here at 6am was pretty ramped up. Plus what about all the sweat? I sweat a lot! I mean, I don't think I've ever sweat so much in my life as in these past weeks. And I have lived thru hot flashes!
So I was fretting about the "ramping up" that afternoon instead of paying attention to what my feet were doing on the stairs. And yes, down they went, sideways. They don't like going sideways down two steps at a time. In fact I don't think they were designed to do that. But indeed, they bent pretty good. My left foot sort of went numb and then @$%#$}#!!! So I hobbled to the kitchen and got a bag of ice. I called out an SOS to Frank when I got back to my desk. He flashed the BATMAN signal to Debi and she flew over to investigate and tape my foot. Yes! it felt much better taped. No! it didn't like ice on it. A pain pill later and who knows what my fingers were doing to our policies. But I made it thru the day so that's always a plus.
Friday morning was dark, really dark. I thought about calling in, but NOOOO! I gingerly got up and headed to Mr. Coffee (the other man in my life). My foot felt pretty good, but I wasn't going to push it. I made it through the stairs and the bike, but I just couldn't face TLOP*. So I'm hoping that by Monday I'll be back in the saddle with the rest of my sweaty buds. If not, I plan on relaxing in the warming pool with a tall glass of pool water. You know, healing up. Now that's what I call ramping it up.
A big thanks to Frank, Debi, Tina, EJ and Andreas for being so helpful. You are wonderful - so is Rickie, even if he finds great joy in our pain.

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  1. hee hee - I love reading your blogs! Hang tough and don't go sideways!