Wednesday, August 10, 2016

This morning was muggy. Nay! It was rain forest-like soggy. My walk/walk (no run) reminded me of a carp, struggling to get oxygen thru my gills. A heavy, slow, sleepy carp. Wallowing in the muddy shallows. Fish out of water. Glazed, bulging eyes (yes, there's that eye thing again). Mouth agog. Little fins flailing. I was so glad my heroes Debra and Meghan's turbulence pulled me thru the murky waters and finally onto dry land. We were all a little drippy when it was over, but our eyes were shiny and we were ready to dive into a clean tank. OK, so the dry land comment didn't fit well, but I was really glad to climb into my car and head for a cool refreshing shower.
I noticed that some of the guys were walk/jogging. They looked good. Had good form. Seemed to be breathing on their own. I'm thinking they were the pikes of the lake. Sleek, quick, shimmery. But I bet they smelled just as bad as carp when they were done.
And so I leave you with this: whether you are a carp or a pike, you get there. And a little lemon juice is almost as good as heavy tartar sauce on broiled fish.


  1. If I had good form I wouldn't be in this program! :) Seriously, I kept thinking to myself, "What, am I nuts? I'm supposed to do a 10K at the end of this thing? What did I get myself into?"

    1. I know Dave. I can see improvements in myself and everyone else. You looked pretty good jog/running today. And yes, I think we are all a little nuts.

  2. ...smelled just as bad as a carp.. you crack me up!
    JusT keep swimming!!

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  4. When will you develop a sense of humor to deal with the program?