Monday, August 22, 2016

Things are good and getting better every day!

Week 4 Weigh-In Day

Okay, since I got down on myself last week, this week's weigh-in will be much different. First, I have come to accept that a -1.8 lb reduction is actually a good thing. Surely it beats what had been happening prior to the start of this program, where my experience had been the exact opposite. Secondly, I decided to up my game and get the sweat pouring out even more. I am noticing my body is becoming more efficient in it's functioning and it is requiring more intensity to get my heart rate up, therefore things like the stair stepper are becoming my "friend". In fact this morning after a quick 1-mile walk at the gym, I did 20-minutes on the stepper and by ratcheting up the # of floors metric I was able to get my heart rate up to nearly 150 bpm and that kicked in my sweat machine greatly.

Yesterday, for the first time all summer, my family and I took a bike ride. It wasn't long, just about 3 miles from our house to the YMCA and back again, but with the brake pad rubbing the whole time against my wheel, it was an extra workout for me.

On the nutrition front, I did better at staying below my daily calorie goal every day. I continue to actually have fun doing my own grocery shopping and searching for yummy and healthful new meals to try. Sunday, for the first time in almost our 32 year history together, my wife and I actually combined our egg fixings and enjoyed a very tasty egg scrambler loaded with veggies. She is still in shock over my "about face" nutritional habits and the things that give me pleasure these days in the food department. I keep encouraging her to consider my transformation as an answer to her prayers.

There is something happening in my relationship with our daughters as well. Both of them have been hanging on me lately. I mean, like during church, our oldest was standing up with me during worship yesterday without any prompting. Then all during service, she kept laying her head against me. Our youngest and I had a laugh fest at the table last night like nothing I have have ever witnessed from her, and walking through the store, we were even doing some horse playing with each other. From their perspective, I think they see this new, healthier daddy as more fun!

All that said, I have to give another shout out to our amazing trainers and coaches. Without them and the structure of this program, I would not be having the time of my life. Surely this has been one of the most fun and memorable summers I can remember as an adult, husband, and dad. Thank you EJ, Rick, Tina, Jen, Frank, Andreas, alumni, cohort, and Spiece. I am amazed at how fast things are changing for the better!


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  1. Gavin, you are such a blessing to us. Thanks for an encouraging post today. You are seeing and experiencing answered prayers and the benefits of your work. Wow!