Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My Running Mate is UH-MAZING!!!

I truly enjoyed this morning's walk/run/jog at Brotherhood Mutual's campus. On the commute in, I was having a chat with the Lord about how much I appreciate Him for Who He is and what He means to me ("Absolutely EVERYTHING!") I asked Him to help each and every one of us today as we go about the business of disciplining our bodies and our minds to do that which He has called us to. Today I didn't stop during any of the 4 reps of 3-minute jogs. Such a great feeling to know that today I jogged 12 minutes. God is such a remarkable Helper!

During our "jalk" (thanks for that term, Paula), He was the greatest companion, encouraging me every step of the way. Every time the next 3-minute jog was set to begin, He would say, "You can do anything for 3 minutes", "See, now it's even less than that", "You can do anything for 2 1/2 minutes", "You can do anything for 2 minutes", "Now it's only 1 1/2 to go", "You can do anything for 1 minute", "Only 30 seconds", "You can do anything for 10 seconds".

Holy Spirit is the greatest friend and companion for life I can ever imagine. After the post-jalk stretches, I was walking to my car and noticed my left ankle starting to get a pinching sort of pain on the outer side. As Jesus told us to do in Mark 11:22-23, I spoke to it and with the measure of faith He has grown in me, I told the pain it was going to be sorry because my Father doesn't take kindly to those who come against His kids, and reminded it that my Father will break it up in 7 different pieces, then commanded it to be loosed from my ankle. And do you know what? It did, in that very instant!
God encourages us to "only believe", and the evidence of our faith is what we do with it (are we hearers only who deceive ourselves, or are we doers?) and the signs that follow.

I pray that each of you is growing closer and closer to Him throughout this program. There are so many things to share with and learn from Him, and days like today on the "open road" are perfect for investing that time developing our relationship with God.

Bless you!

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