Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday, and we can almost close the book on Week 3!
This morning was much better than yesterday. I knew where my shoes were (I had left them in my locker at the Fieldhouse yesterday). I didn't have to pack work clothes. I didn't have to pack lunch before I left. I knew what I was eating before workout. Traffic was light. Tires stayed inflated the entire trip. And yes, the tank was full.
I did 20 minutes on the elliptical with the plan that I could easily walk the treadmill to cool down. I ramped up the incline and headed off, never really arriving anywhere. The bank of TVs were like candy in a bowl. Which one to watch. Who was using subtitles. This choice is so sweet - if there is a commercial, I can just start watching another channel. (oh dear, I remember the cost to air commercials - what a waste of money). But hey! those days are over. I didn't even have to wrestle the channel changer from Walt's grasp. Just look over to see what political commentary was on, or apartment explosion coverage, or update on the Olympics. I even caught myself getting sucked into a mini commercial for the pan that nothing sticks to. Trying to focus on my heart rate, I was goofing around with all the buttons. If you accidentally brush the STOP button thing, it really stops. Quickly! Like flying over the handlebars of your bike quick. And then I had dig down and get the thing going again. Honestly! I must have had it in third gear because it was a bear to get it to move forward. Finally I'm up  to speed again when I consider what might happen if I go backwards. So I slow down. You can't just change directions, you know. But going backwards and picking up speed isn't that easy. In fact I felt like I was starting to fall. Like I was falling off a treadmill. Like I better hit that STOP button thing again. NOW! I was back to pushing FORWARD, before long the minutes ticked off and I was ready to wipe down that beast and head for the next machine.
The treadmill was indeed a cool down. Nothing tricky about it. I couldn't go sideways or back ways, just forward. It was a little easier to watch TV now. The minutes flew by. My heart rate was coming back down (I think I might have startled myself a couple of times on the elliptical). And then it was over. I wiped down and headed off to the car.
Getting home before 7 was a real treat and I was going to enjoy having an extra 20 minutes or so. I grabbed a cup of coffee to go with my cereal and blueberries and filled a jar with water so I could do some painting. I really have to focus on which container I wash my brushes in. I've found that paint water doesn't taste that bad and a little burnt sienna (coffee) adds an earthy touch to most any painting. I'm working on a cute little camper birdhouse for a friend and it's turning out so adorable. There is always the fear that I'll mess it up. But I know the secret: sandpaper or spray primer. Then I just start over. he he. You can also scrape down canvas or paint over the "accident". My artwork can get pretty thick at times. But back to this morning. So I'm getting ready to head back to the office and I see Walt (Mr. Wonderful) getting his gym bag out. What a double blessing! He was heading to the gym for some guy time. He usually bikes around our addition four or five miles each morning, but the humidity has kept him inside. He has heart problems (he fell for me!). But seriously, he really has to be careful with heat and cold temps. So knowing he will be working inside and there are trained people who will know if he gets himself in over his head was such a pick-me-up. I know he is watching me. Yes, he opened a brand new bag of chips last night (I declined to participate). But he is watching his diet a little more and more each day. I think those chips might "accidentally" fall out of the cupboard and get tripped over a few times. Yeah, that aught to do it.
Thanks for a great week everyone. I love going thru this with you! I really couldn't get this far on my own.


  1. I was thinking the same thing on the TV's!!!! You nailed it! You are doing great! I really enjoy our journey together!

  2. The worst thing about those TVs is that sometimes many of them are set to food shows or most of the commercials are for food. You are right about your Mr. Wonderful he is watching you and you are being a good example for him to see.

  3. If the TV's are on food, like cupcake shows. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL US FWSW, CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!
    ..umm, I accidentally pushed the STOP button on the new step mill that morning! Frustrating.
    Glad your morning went so much better!!