Thursday, August 25, 2016

Big Yawns...

This morning's workout was tough on me. I got to meet Jacob. He's quite an interesting character to say the least, and WOW, does he know how to make me work like nothing else. Who knew crawling could be so exhausting.

Indeed, after the workout as we all huddled together to learn what our homework assignment is for Friday, I couldn't stop yawning. I had an appointment for one of our daughter's afterward, and since I had a little extra time in between, I stopped at home to make a big 3 egg scrambler filled with all kinds of veggies, ham, and cheese. Just had to get something else in to help sustain me for the day. Today was the first in the program where I spent 560 calories before 8:00am! Ouch! Hopefully dinner will be calorie light, yet nutrient dense.

All I know is EJ, Rick, and Tina are earning their keep as they up the ante as they watch to see who will respond in kind. I've got a couple of new ouchy's on my feet today, but not going to let that slow me down. Having watched those of us who are working out using alternative methods and still making great progress, I am as determined as ever to step it up to keep pace.

Yesterday morning, while sitting in a 3-hour training right next to 4 huge boxes of donuts could have tempted me had I not committed to complete this program, but I am more convicted to achieve my goal than blowing an entire workout like today for a 2-minute taste bud reunion from my past life. That would have been like giving back 17% of my weight loss gain for the week. No way, Jose'!

How much is YOUR goal worth?

How much is your goal worth to your LOVED ONES?

Would you be gutsy enough to tell them
they just weren't worth your sacrifice?

Not me! #NO EXCUSES!

Blessings all,

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