Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Belly & Heart Aches

This morning I showed up 15 minutes earlier to get a head start at BMI before the generators went off and in the shower asap. I really hoped I'd be able to stay outside and walk the whole time. And I did! My ankle was just fine for a second day in a row, thank you God! Because I was earlier than usual, I had extra time before work. Someone mentioned within the past couple weeks to go back and read the blogs if we haven't yet. I took the time to read through the past 5 weeks and I'm so glad I did! There were a ton of laughs, more situations I could relate to than I would have ever guessed, and few heart wrenches. My belly aches from laughing so hard and my heart aches for those going through tough situations. Thank you all for being honest and sharing!


  1. I really enjoy reading about everyone's craziness. It helps keep me sane.

  2. good to have you back with us again Sarah, I pray you are able to stay throughout! Maybe EJ will do a special wall sit session for you tomorrow! I know how much you love those. hee hee

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    1. I hate to repeat myself and that's what this was. Sorry!