Friday, July 29, 2016


Day Five and I'm still alive. I felt guilty sleeping in an extra 10 minutes this morning. Driving to the Fieldhouse was a little crazier - traffic had increased, so I couldn't breeze thru yellow and red lights as usual. Hey! The parking lot was full! I had an uneasy feeling while walking thru the doors that "other people" were in my gym. The tour was also a little unsettling. Rooms of torture taunted me at every corner. And then there were THE STAIRS to the track. A few of us transparently groaned as we climbed Mount Midoriyama. I realized that we would probably be running up and down those stairs. AGHGHGHGH!!! I hate stairs. God invented elevators and I have been faithful to use his creation. Each of those steps shall henceforth be named after the peoples who attacked the Israelites of the Old Testament: the Amalekites, Midionites, Amorites, Moabites, Cryptomites, Dynomites, Jebudites, all those evil "ites" will be crushed under my bright teal shoes while drops of sweat, blood and tears will rain down upon them and they shall know my pain. mwahaha!

Calming myself. Breathe in. Exhale.

So then, we had our evaluations. I did get a 2. One 2. I  also got many 1s. And the big fat zippo. But that's OK. I knew going in to this that my shoulder was going to be an issue. I hope some physical therapy will help loosen it and lessen the pain. I was so impressed with everyone. It's curious that everyone has their own strengths and struggles and they aren't always obvious, until the pole comes out. I obviously have balance issues.

Well, I'm heading into the weekend, still feeling like I cheated myself out of exercise today. I did finish my back sit for a complete 30 seconds last night and I tried balancing on one foot and touching my toes. I still fell even without shoes and holding on to the counter. Edna always says I'm unbalanced. I guess she's right.


  1. They aren't rooms of torture they are rooms of love. Loving you into a better you.

  2. You are hilarious! I certainly felt strange not working out on Friday too!

  3. Oh I can't wait for Tina's Party Trains!! You are going to LOVE!!