Thursday, July 28, 2016

Day Four?

I've lost count. I think today is Thursday. My brain is a flurry of items to check off. I really have to concentrate when I'm driving now - not like before when I could take a nap and wake up at work totally rested with barely any scratches or large dents on the car.

Walking in the Fieldhouse was so different than Day 2 and 3. Everyone had a sense of pride and purpose today. Plus we sort of knew where we were going this time. Warm up wasn't too hard today. I really enjoyed visiting with everyone while walking. I noticed that I wasn't breathing fire today. I had my rescue inhaler just in case. Even the exercises seemed to be easier. Well, other than that stupid-balancing-touch-your-toes thing. Even holding on to the pole didn't help much. I think I could do it if I was barefoot. Maybe I'll try that at home this afternoon. I reflected on what Tina told me Tuesday: We lose our balance as we age. What! Is Tina calling me old?! But she speaks the truth. Even though I can hold a pose on the wii fit board until the little candle goes out, I found myself falling quite a lot lately. We would be walking together when my husband would turn around to see where I was. Usually I was on the ground, my foot in a pot hole or face planting in the gravel. I've fallen off my bike - so embarrassing, but a good example to our grandchildren about wearing helmets. I've even fallen pulling weeds in our front yard. We have some healthy weeds, but it's probably because I've had my head down for too long. Or was it that indeed, I'm getting old? Well, today I fell again. I was doing the second back-against-the-wall-for-all-eternity-knee-bends. I could feel myself slipping down, down, down. I pushed my heels into the floor ... as it rose to bump my bottom. Oh well, I'll do another one this afternoon after I try those balancing things. I want to complete 30 seconds just to prove I can do it! Who knew 1/2 minute was so important!


  1. Connie, OH MY GOODNESS! Your descriptions of things are amazingly funny! I LOVE it! I'm so glad that your finding the humor in all of these new things and it's even more exciting that your going to do homework and practice for Tuesday's workout! Your going to sore through this program. I'm so excited to see it happen!

  2. It will get easier and before you know it 30 seconds will go by so fast.