Thursday, July 28, 2016

Day 4 - The Worst Thing About Success is......

Today's workout was awesome. I've been feeling great since first thing this morning. So glad I had been practicing squats at least a little bit prior to this week. I acquired a couple of new nicknames this week: The "bagel man" and "Peppy". No doubt, these will live on for a long time.

After leaving the gym, I hopped in the car and that legendary song from James Brown came to mind: "I feel good!" so I pulled it up on YouTube as we started down the highway and I couldn't help but sing along at full volume and with a number of stage performance gestures! (Can you picture it?). 

In fact, I told my daughter who had been waiting in the car for me, 'If you thought I was crazy before, just wait until this program is done, 'cause I am feeling a little extra kooky.' 

When I arrived at the office, I trekked up the stairs feeling amazing! Indeed it was so noticeable to me that I started considering how my muscles weren't killing me like they were yesterday, my energy was high, and I wasn't getting short of breath as in the past. And this next part caught me off guard. You know you have to stop and pay attention whenever God shares one of His famous, "And suddenly" moments.

As I hit the top of the stairs, I heard in my spirit a quote I heard in October 2007 about success. In the voice of personal success coach, Dani Johnson, I heard her say, "The worst part about success is a little bit." I immediately recalled what she said in a weekend business training event in Dallas, Texas. Sometimes, when we start having a little bit of success, little devils start to show up to tempt us to behave with behaviors that look like cocky, lazy, and unteachable. When I heard that this morning, I gave thanks to Holy Spirit who is with us to teach us. I took it as a warning to watch my P's and Q's and remain focused, honoring the advice of our trainers: "Trust the process" and "Give 100% every time, all the time."

I am so grateful above all things that God loves me and is graceful in how He leads me. I am very thankful to be part of such an awesome program, and have the opportunity to get to know and experience it with such outstanding people.


p.s. I saw this quote in my email this morning credited to Bill Hybels:
"Gritty people play hurt. Gritty people don't quit, ever. Gritty people believe they can overcome whatever obstacle stands in their way." #269quote

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  1. It is so true a little success can hurt because you can decide to just sit back and enjoy that. Remember to keep your focus on the final goal and keep going through all the successes that God gives you as you move towards the person He wants you to be.